Friday, October 24, 2014

Hallelujah for Friday!

I'm a firm believer that sometimes, you just need a day off. I have always felt that way. Growing up my mom would allow us to take one "mental health day" a school year. A day when we just needed to rest. We needed to be at home. And we needed to take a break. She would write us a note and say we were "sick" and let us play hookie from school. For just a day. I have always implemented the same rule in my adult life. Sometimes life gets crazy, and stressful, and you just need a break. And that's perfectly okay.

Well, today is said day for me. I arranged to have the day off work, took Landon to preschool, and I'm now home enjoying cup number two of pumpkin spice coffee. I have made it a point to say no to running errands today, and yes to hanging out in the comfort of my own home. Watching the Today Show, catching up on laundry, cooking a pot roast in the crock pot. I sound like I'm eighty. 

I also plan on working on editing pictures over the last month or so, and updating this blog of mine that is so neglected. I have so much to share and catch up on that we've been doing the past two months- hopefully today I can work on all that.

So here's to a mental health day!

Happy Friday!

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