Thursday, November 20, 2014

House Update | 3

Its been a while since I did an update on the house and where we are at in the building process. So much has happened over the past few weeks, and we are full steam ahead hoping to move in just before Christmas. The HVAC, plumbing, and electrical all took a couple weeks but finished about two weeks ago. We passed our inspection (whoohoo!) this past Monday, and drywall was hung all week.

In addition to the interior work, the exterior brick was finished on the front of the house, and the steps were built! I finally have front steps! The siding started at the end of the week and should finish in the next couple days.

Kitchen cabinets were installed on Saturday as well as our laundry room and master bathroom cabinets. There was a small issue with the upstairs bathroom cabinets, so those will have to be reordered, but it is still so exciting to see the other cabinets being installed. Its the first time we are finally seeing major interior progress and I can't tell you how giddy it makes me!

John has spent a lot of time out there working to get things ready and do odds and ends that we didn't want to pay someone to do. I'm so incredibly thankful for his knowledge and skill during this process. Its not easy on him by any means to work a full time job and then go work on a house, but it will be so worth it in the end. Our stress level its through the roof most days, but we feel blessed. We know that this is truly a labor of love and that in the end, this is our home, our place to raise our babies and make our memories and there is nothing sweeter than that.

This weekend he rented a bobcat and did a lot of grading work on the yard and leveled the garage so the concrete can be poured as well as the front and back porches. While he's been working his tail off out at the house I have been picking out lighting and paint colors- which is proving to be more difficult that I originally thought. I have a couple colors nailed down, and a couple light fixtures picked its getting there!

Like I said, our goal is to be in around Christmas, which will make for an insane holiday season. I'l be honest, I'm a little stressed about where to put a Christmas tree, the old house? the new house? Maybe I should just decorate my car...kidding. kind of.

So thats where we are- Casa de Perdue is coming together and we can't wait!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Our First Mom/Son Road Trip | Oak Island

A couple weeks ago,  my mom text me to let me know that her and my Dad were headed to the beach for their annual beach trip with friends, she then added that they had a spare room and if I wanted to join them then I could. I kind of shrugged it off, but after talking to John I decided I would quickly load up the car and leave after work Friday with Landon to go enjoy a quick day at the beach on Saturday. John had to spend most of the weekend working on our house, so I knew I wouldn't see much of him anyways, and I am never one to turn down a free place to stay at the beach.

I was pretty proud of myself for 1. how quickly I packed up our stuff and 2. how little I packed. It is so much easier to go to the beach with a potty trained toddler than a diaper and gear dependent baby! I tossed in a couple changes of clothes, a beach chair for me, sand toys for him, and my camera gear and we were ready to go. As soon as we ate lunch we got on the road on Friday afternoon. 

Saturday we spent on the beach. Landon's first words when we woke up were "I want to go play on the beach!" and so that is exactly what we did. Around 2 we came in for a nap, which I joined him for, and then we went back out until dinner time. 

Sunday we loaded up the car and headed home to see daddy. Landon did great going to and from the beach, he potted when we stopped and didn't have any accidents. He watched Cars on the DVD player, and we chatted and really had a great trip. This was the first time I had traveled with Landon by myself, and I am calling it a huge success. I am so thankful for the quality time spent with him and getting to soak in another day at the ocean. Hopefully there will be more mom/son trips for us in the future!

Thankful for such a beautiful weekend with  my little man, for memories, and for a few hours of sand in our toes and sunshine on our faces. It was perfect.

Punkin Picking 2014

I am still in denial that it is November! A few weeks ago,  I did some research and found a pumpkin patch not to far from us to go on the hunt for our perfect pumpkin. Last year we ventured to Patterson's Farm in Salisbury, NC. It was a neat experience and they had tons of games and play structures and animals for kids to enjoy. But the "pumpkin patch" itself was kind of a let down.  We rode a wagon along the farm and then the pumpkins were just laying in a field at the end of the ride. They were pre-bought and placed there, which is fine. But I'm all for authentic, and I wanted to find a place with a legitimate pumpkin patch. I wanted my pumpkin to come off the vine! (Not to be picky or anything.)

Just a few miles further is Carrigan Farms in Mooresville, NC, my hometown. This is the place we went apple picking last year, and somehow I had no clue they grew pumpkins there also! I was excited to find that out. We called my parents to meet us there and all of us piled on a hay wagon and rode down to acres of pumpkin vines. It was chilly and overcast that morning, but to me it made all the more enjoyable. Call me crazy,  but I have a hard time getting into the fall spirit if it is 80 degrees outside.

Landon's favorite part was riding the hay wagon which was pulled by a huge tractor. Anything with a tractor involved is a winner in his book. He's easy to please.  My favorite part about this adventure of ours was getting to roam around the field of pumpkins- I love any place that Landon can run and play and explore without having to worry about cars or tons of people or anything. Just space. It's good for the soul.

After finding our pumpkins, we loaded back on the hay wagon, and headed back to the main area where they had apple cider waiting on us. It wasn't a lot of frills and thrills. But it was a neat experience and I would definitely go back next year. I also love that I get to share a place that was a part of my childhood with Landon. We live in the town where John grew up, so Landon sees and experiences plenty of things that John did as a child. So to share with him something from mommy's childhood was special. We have pictures of me as a kid in elementary school riding on those same hay wagons going to pick apples on a class field trip!

Happy Punkin Picking!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween | 2014

I say it every year, and I probably will continue to say it every year, but holidays are way more fun once you have kids. Specifically, Halloween.

I had a fairly hard time coming up with a costume for Landon this year. He isn't attached to any characters like Mickey Mouse, or Buzz Lightyear. The only characters he is super attached to are Lightening McQueen and Mack from the movie Cars. Since turning my toddler into a Mack truck was out of the question, I decided on a dinosaur. He frequently runs around the house terrorizing our dog yelling "Roooaaarrrr!!!" so I figured it was a good option. The inspiration came from a matching dog costume that I came across one day at Michael's. I got the dog costume for Josie, but you'd think we were torturing her by making her wear it!

Yesterday he had a Halloween party at preschool, and then I decided to grab lunch and head to a nearby park to play for the afternoon and of course take some pictures of him in his costume. We might make this our Friday tradition! He loved playing on the playground and I of course loved some time with my little man. It was the perfect fall day- cool, but not cold, and once a group of kids left, we had the playground to ourselves.

Last night he loved trick or treating in uptown Lexington and going door to door at the neighbors houses. At first he was overwhelmed with the crowds and being that he was one of the smaller kids there, it was a little nerve wracking. But he was at trooper, and by the end of the night he was a pro at holding out his little bag for candy. It was great this year to since he understood a little more of the concept of trick or treating and wearing a costume!

Happy Halloween from the Perdue Family!

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