Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween | 2014

I say it every year, and I probably will continue to say it every year, but holidays are way more fun once you have kids. Specifically, Halloween.

I had a fairly hard time coming up with a costume for Landon this year. He isn't attached to any characters like Mickey Mouse, or Buzz Lightyear. The only characters he is super attached to are Lightening McQueen and Mack from the movie Cars. Since turning my toddler into a Mack truck was out of the question, I decided on a dinosaur. He frequently runs around the house terrorizing our dog yelling "Roooaaarrrr!!!" so I figured it was a good option. The inspiration came from a matching dog costume that I came across one day at Michael's. I got the dog costume for Josie, but you'd think we were torturing her by making her wear it!

Yesterday he had a Halloween party at preschool, and then I decided to grab lunch and head to a nearby park to play for the afternoon and of course take some pictures of him in his costume. We might make this our Friday tradition! He loved playing on the playground and I of course loved some time with my little man. It was the perfect fall day- cool, but not cold, and once a group of kids left, we had the playground to ourselves.

Last night he loved trick or treating in uptown Lexington and going door to door at the neighbors houses. At first he was overwhelmed with the crowds and being that he was one of the smaller kids there, it was a little nerve wracking. But he was at trooper, and by the end of the night he was a pro at holding out his little bag for candy. It was great this year to since he understood a little more of the concept of trick or treating and wearing a costume!

Happy Halloween from the Perdue Family!

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