Thursday, November 6, 2014

Our First Mom/Son Road Trip | Oak Island

A couple weeks ago,  my mom text me to let me know that her and my Dad were headed to the beach for their annual beach trip with friends, she then added that they had a spare room and if I wanted to join them then I could. I kind of shrugged it off, but after talking to John I decided I would quickly load up the car and leave after work Friday with Landon to go enjoy a quick day at the beach on Saturday. John had to spend most of the weekend working on our house, so I knew I wouldn't see much of him anyways, and I am never one to turn down a free place to stay at the beach.

I was pretty proud of myself for 1. how quickly I packed up our stuff and 2. how little I packed. It is so much easier to go to the beach with a potty trained toddler than a diaper and gear dependent baby! I tossed in a couple changes of clothes, a beach chair for me, sand toys for him, and my camera gear and we were ready to go. As soon as we ate lunch we got on the road on Friday afternoon. 

Saturday we spent on the beach. Landon's first words when we woke up were "I want to go play on the beach!" and so that is exactly what we did. Around 2 we came in for a nap, which I joined him for, and then we went back out until dinner time. 

Sunday we loaded up the car and headed home to see daddy. Landon did great going to and from the beach, he potted when we stopped and didn't have any accidents. He watched Cars on the DVD player, and we chatted and really had a great trip. This was the first time I had traveled with Landon by myself, and I am calling it a huge success. I am so thankful for the quality time spent with him and getting to soak in another day at the ocean. Hopefully there will be more mom/son trips for us in the future!

Thankful for such a beautiful weekend with  my little man, for memories, and for a few hours of sand in our toes and sunshine on our faces. It was perfect.

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  1. I am in denial just a little bit as well. I do love November because of Christmas shopping and thanksgiving,but this year is going too quickly!


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