Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Tree | 2014

Nothing like posting about our Christmas tree adventure on the day after Christmas, right? Oh well- better late than never. In my defense, I started this post a few weeks ago...and then never finished. Story of my life.

We originally were not planning on doing the whole Christmas tree thing this year. I know, that sounds crazy, but hear me out. We were planning to move in the week before Christmas, and the last thing I wanted to do was have a ginormous tree that had to be undecorated and moved in the midst of packing an entire house and 5 years worth of junk that we have accumulated.

Thanksgiving night, John and I sat down and decided that moving in after Christmas was much more realistic, and also allowed for us to have a semi-normal Christmas. With that, we decided to continue on with our yearly trip to the mountains to chop down our perfect tree. In retrospect, I'm glad we decided to do this. Landon is at such a fun age and really loved it- the memories for him and for us with him are priceless. There was still some snow on the ground, and so of course there were more snowballs being thrown than trees being found. Going up to the mountains to get our tree is always one of my favorite things- Landon loves being able to just roam and run, and there's nothing better than cool mountain air. Its always a little chaotic, but always fun- and despite the fact that we are moving later than planned, I'm so thankful we were able to get our tree this year. It just wouldn't have been Christmas without it!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Landon | Three Years Old

So, you turned three this week. I'll be honest, this birthday has hit me a little harder than your first two. It may sound crazy- its not so much the idea of you being a three year old, as it is that I only have two years until you go to kindergarten. Or that I'm in disbelief that its actually been four years since we found out we were pregnant with you, a day that seems like it was just six months ago.

Three, in my mind, means you are so much farther from baby and so much closer to little boy. Part of me absolutely loves it. Part of me is holding on for dear life to every ounce of baby left in you.

These past few months leading up to your birthday have been nothing short of challenging. In the midst of us having a lot of stress at work, plus building our home, you decided to give us our first taste of the terrible threes. They're no joke, in case you were wondering. Your tantrums and temper are something I was not at all prepared for, and still feel at a loss as to how to manage, but I know we will get though them. Here's the problem. You are strong, and stubborn and independent and want things exactly when and how you want them. Don't we all? You are a little man on a mission. Those are traits that will serve you well in life, but at three? They're making me lose my mind on a daily basis.

Let's not spend too long talking about the struggles of being three. Its your birthday, and a day to celebrate all that is you. I've been asking you some questions over the past week to get an idea of what I should write down.

Favorite color? Blue (or Bwoo, as you say).

Best Friend? Daddy 90% of the time, Mommy 10%- which is also the root of the majority of your tantrums. You want to be just. like. your. daddy. You want to go where he goes and be his big helper and when you can't? Your world falls apart. Oh, to be a daddy's boy.

What you want for Christmas? A truck and trailer with a tractor (because you don't already own 40 billion of them....)

Favorite food? Spaghetti or mac and cheese. Pasta...a boy after my own heart. You also can tear up some cereal and yogurt.

Favorite Movie? Cars. Although the past couple months you have been obsessed with Charlottes Web, which you call "The Spider and the Pig," And this month, being December, we have introduced you to the Polar Express. I'm pretty sure we will be watching that one in July because you love it so much. 

Favorite TV Shows: Chuggington and Mickey. But let me also add in that you frequently want to watch fishing shows or Gold Miner on the history channel because of the big excavators and tractors they use. He was so proud. :) 

Favorite Song? "Mack's Song" better known as Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts from the movie Cars. You dance like its nobody's business!

Favorite place to eat? Subway. Kid you not. We have to drive by one every day, and every. single. day you ask to go get a "sammich at the subway." We can't figure out the obsession, but you've got it bad. Daddy suggested we let you pick out where to eat on your birthday dinner, and we had to tell you subway was closed because it was your first choice. Sorry bud, mama needs a little more than a sandwich for supper some nights.

Favorite Toy: I'm answering this one for you because it changes on a daily basis...but. Anything, with a trailer attached to it. Your most recent favorites are trucks with trailers that can haul things, and for your birthday we took you to Tractor Supply where you picked out a flat bed hauler with a fork lift. This week, fork lifts are your new thing (It has nothing to do with the fact that you've spent 100 hours in Lowes with us getting house supplies and watching them use their fork lift!) What amazes me is that you have a hundred different little trucks, trailers, and tractors, but if you are looking for one, you know exactly which one you want. 90% of the time it's the one we can't find of course. :)

You have been such a big helper during this house building process and love to go out to the house and spend the day playing in the dirt piles with all of your tractors and dump trucks. We are amazed at how content you are outside, and you can literally spend from sun up to sun down playing without complaining once. It's been really great for you.

You are still obsessed with "Whiteman NaQueen" (Lightening McQueen) and I hope you never learn how to say his name correctly. To me, that is one of the biggest things I wish I could bottle up about you right now is your misspeaks. You call sailboats "snailboats," Flashlights are "trashlights". Those are just a few. I love nothing more than asking you questions and hearing your responses. You are three going on thirteen and so incredibly smart.

We love you sweet boy, and we couldn't be prouder to be your mommy and daddy. You are the sweetest, silliest, most incredible little boy. Happy Third Birthday Landon Cole!

Mommy and Daddy

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