Saturday, February 7, 2015

Three weeks

We've been here in our new home for three weeks now. In some ways it is starting to feel like home, but in others- its still kind of strange. We are still adjusting to the new look of our normal, the new morning routine, and trying to remember where we put something, or what box it might be in. The necessities are unpacked, which helps! That to do list though? It's never ending. I kind of feel like I have four full time jobs currently, being a nurse, a mom, a wife, and trying to get this house put together and keep it clean at the same time.

Here's the truth- building your own home goes on that list of super stressful, overwhelming, albeit really really exciting things that you can do in your adult life. There have been moments where we are so happy to be here, and moments when we are near tears because we feel like it will never be finished or settled. We moved in with some things still unfinished- for instance, carpet wasn't installed in the closets and playroom until 1 week after we moved in. None of the closets have shelving in them because we opted to do that ourselves after we got here. Our built ins aren't built in, and our mudroom/dropzone area doesn't exist because we needed to move in before those little finishes were...finished. We're slowly knocking away at those things on our list to truly "finish" this house. But I've also realized that to us, it will probably never be finished. There will always be something on that to do list we are hoping to accomplish. As overwhelming as that may seem sometimes, it also is really fun. This is our space. We can finally do what we want to with it. We don't have a land lord or rental agency to check in with. My walls can be purple if I want and I don't have anyone to tell me no (other than my husband, I'm not sure he'd go for purple.)

Landon has adjusted really well to the new house. He kind of amazes me at how flexible he is to change, and goodness has he had a ton of change over the past couple months. He's started daycare 3 days a week, which was a little bit of an adjustment. He had some tears a few days around nap time when he realized no one was coming to pick him up early. But he's doing better. He loves his new room and playroom, he is happy when I pick him up from day care, and he rarely asks about the old house. Yesterday in the car, I turned the direction of the old house and he quickly corrected me saying "Mommy, you're going the wrong way to our new house!" Sweet guy.

Its so true what they say, home is where your people are. Home isn't necessarily the walls or the land or the floors. To Landon, home is where his mommy, daddy, Josie, and toys are. And it is such a reminder to me too- home is where my family is no matter what.

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