Saturday, April 18, 2015

Easter 2015

Two weeks after the fact I finally get the pictures off my camera. 

We had such a full weekend, I felt like I needed a day to recover! Saturday we worked around the house, and then that afternoon we went to my sister and brother in law's house for an egg hunt with the three cousins. Landon had an egg hunt at preschool earlier in the week, so he was a seasoned pro when it came time for this hunt. He had a ball running around finding the eggs.

On Sunday we woke up and went to church for the Easter Service and then came home to do the Easter basket thing. We've decided not to do the basket first thing in the morning. It is already hectic enough trying to get to church on time, without the distraction of candy and goodies! So the Easter bunny came to visit while we were at church. 

I try and keep Landon's basket simple- eggs with a little candy, a coloring book, a slinky, and a fishing net. I found everything that went into the basket in the dollar spot at Target! Its so easy for holidays to get out of hand and become commercial, and while we really Landon to enjoy the fun of the Easter bunny, we also want to keep the focus on the real reason for the holiday.  

After church, we went outside to snap a few pictures of monkey in his church outfit. That boy loves himself a bow tie! Getting a shot of Landon actually looking at the camera and not making a pouty or grouchy face is an act of congress in itself, so I'm pretty happy that I was able to get a couple of him in his Easter outfit without said faces. Of course I had some help from John, who was in the background acting like a fool to get him to laugh. Whatever it takes, y'all. 

And as always, one shot of the three cousins on the swing at Nana and Boppa's house. This was after meltdown central took place, of course. And this is the best picture I got. One out of three smiling and looking at the camera isn't too bad! 

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