Monday, May 4, 2015

the thing about a three year old and nap time

So here's what happens when your child turns three apparently....they decide they are way to old and busy to take a nap. The thing is? Lord have mercy, they need it more than ever. Landon does pretty good throughout the week napping. On daycare days he takes a semi decent nap, and then on days he is with Ms Liz, he takes a great nap. The problem comes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Previously, on Friday afternoons when I got off work, I would pick him up, grab some lunch and lay him down for an afternoon nap and a couple hours to myself. Pretty much since he turned three, those Friday afternoon naps are increasingly more difficult to make happen. I've resorted to at least popping in a DVD in the playroom and having him have some quiet playtime by himself while I get a few things done. And for the most part it works. On the weekends we are normally on the go and Landon is not one to miss out on any fun, so again- it is hard to get him to settle down for a decent nap. Cue the tantrums, and whining, and tears because you didn't pick the right lid for his cup, or Josie (yes the dog) is looking at him.

I wish I was joking. 

So while we are in this phase of semi-naps...when they do happen? I love them even more than usual. So much so, that I documented the occasion. Crazy mom, right here.

Can we also make note of the jeep that is tucked in under the blanket with him? He insisted.

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