Friday, June 12, 2015

its a girl!


Goodness gracious I can't tell you how strange that is for me to say! Monday afternoon we went to our 19 week doctors appointment and anatomy ultrasound for baby number 2 where we also found out we will be welcoming a sweet baby girl to our family this fall. Landon guessed that he would have a little sister, and honestly, I think I'm the only one in our family or friends that wasn't 100% on board with team girl. 

With Landon, I knew he was a boy before we found out. But with this one? I haven't had any clues or feelings, or mothers intuitions at all. Baby girl surprised us all, especially me!

After our appointment, we took Landon to the toy store and I ran into Carters to buy our first pink outfits. I can't tell you how strange it was to walk to the opposite side of the store and browse through all the rompers and floral prints and pink clothing, but it was so exciting. And so sweet- girl clothing is adorable...and overwhelming at the same time. 

We are all beyond thrilled that a girl is going to join us in November, no name yet...that TBD!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Oak Island | Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Back in February, when there was about eight inches of snow covering everything, I told John I wanted to book a hotel at the beach for Memorial Day Weekend. All I wanted was 48 hours of sun, and sand, and salty air. We packed our bags and drove the quick trip to Oak Island, NC on Friday night of Memorial Day weekend. We ate at our favorite restaurant (three times actually), watched the boats go by from the covered balcony of our condo, and stayed on the beach from 10am to 7pm both days we were there. It was just what the three of us needed. Time away, time as a family without distractions, and time outside. All three of us are happier, more relaxed people when we are outdoors. And if you throw in some sand and salt water? We are the happiest little clams you ever did see.

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