Sunday, August 2, 2015

Yesterday was August 1st, which means we only have three short months until our little girl makes her entrance into this world. We really haven't gotten anything ready at the house yet other than clothing and we have some diapers and wipes that were gifted to us at our shower. Landon is still in the room that will be the baby's room, so we need to move him into the other upstairs bedroom. I haven't washed a single thing, or pulled out any bottles or the bassinet from the attic. We hope to slowly start working on all of that this month and in September so that in October we will be ready, but we really just haven't gotten there yet. I think in some respects, we know there isn't as big of a rush because she is going to be sleeping in our room for a little while- so we will still have time after she's born to get our act together :) Which I'm sure is wishful thinking also....

I am beyond excited about having our little girl, and I can't wait for her to be here to hold and kiss and love on. But as these weeks start to dwindle and we get closer and closer to her arrival, I find myself clinging to the normalcy of life with just the three of us. I don't want to wish away the next 13 weeks for one second, but rather soak them in day by day. In no time at all our world is going to be turned upside down with a newborn in the house- and while we welcome the sleepless nights and diaper changes, I also am holding onto the simplicity of life right now without the chaos of a baby.

More importantly, I find myself wanting to soak in every ounce of Landon. Almost afraid to blink or look away or not listen to him- because soon my attention will be divided between him and his sister. I have no doubt that I will be able to love them both equally, but I do worry about the transition for Landon and what it will mean for him. I don't want to cheat him of this time with us, or time just enjoying him being the crazy three year old that he is. I want to soak in him being my youngest, my only, my sweet boy, because I know that once Avery is here, he will seem 10 years older and more independant than he is right now.

For the next 13 weeks I hope to find some balance of anticipating our baby girl, but relishing the time we have just John, Katie, and Landon. If that's even possible?

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