Friday, September 18, 2015

Pregnancy Update | 33 Weeks

Only 6.5 short weeks until we get to meet our sweet little Avery Kate! In some ways that seems like forever, but in others it is absolutely flying by. I'm in denial that it is already September and seeing Halloween stuff in the stores has me even more anxious.

33 Weeks 3 days

Weight Gain : 20 lbs, which feels like 100, but the scale says its only 20 :)

Symptoms: Reflux like crazy (Zantac is a miracle drug!), hip/back pain, just generally uncomfortable by the end of the day. And leg cramps. those babies are no joke and wake me up in the middle of the night- I'm pretty sure the pain from those leg cramps is right up there with labor pains! I sit the fence on not wanting to wish away the next 6 weeks and also being anxious to feel somewhat normal physically again and not have all these aches and pains. 

Gender: Girl!

We went to the doctor this week and everything is trucking along smoothly- baby girl is growing well, her heart rate sounds strong, and she's head down (whoohoo!). With all the kicks and jabs i get on my sides I was a little nervous that she was laying in there in a funny position. So I was relieved to hear she was head down. 

We've made massive progress on the nursery- we got our furniture put together and I'm slowly decorating the room. I've washed a laundry load of little pink outfits and blankets. We still need to get the car seat, swing and other baby gear out of the attic, but we have plenty of time! :) 

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