Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weekend Getaway | Asheville, NC

Here's the truth. John and I are not "date night" or "date weakend" people. This year I think we have had a total of 2 date nights, one being our anniversary dinner and one being this past weekend when we decided to take a quick overnight trip to Asheville, NC. We literally decided on Friday night that if we were going to have a date night or weekend trip before this little girl makes her arrival, then we needed to go right then. So we booked a hotel room, dropped Landon off with the grandparents, and spent 24 glorious hours just spending time together.

John and grand plans of scheduling a massage or something relaxing for us, but I vetoed that and decided that I wanted to be outdoors and take in the mountains while we were there. The leaves are just starting to change, and if you've never been to the NC mountains in the fall its a must do. It reminds me why I love this state so much and how thankful I am to live in a place where I get to experience the fun of a summer spent at the coast and the coziness of autumn in the mountains.

We made a stop at Linville Falls on the way to Asheville (its a little out of the way, but not far) and hiked a quick 1-2 mile trail. I say hike loosely, because really at 36 weeks pregnant it was take 10 steps and stop for a break. But I did it! It was cool and lightly raining and we had such great time seeing the falls. They're gorgeous, and its really a fairly easy hike to see them. Due to all the rain from the recent rain storms in the Carolinas, the falls were incredible.

After hiking for a couple hours, we got back into the car and drove 45 minutes to Asheville to check into our hotel. I was pretty worn out, so we laid down for a while and watched the ECU game on the computer before going to dinner.

We had the most amazing dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe in downtown Asheville. Seriously, if you're in Asheville, its a must.  And Sunday morning we had a great breakfast at Early Girl Eatery, again- if you're in Asheville, eat breakfast here!

John and I really just had a great weekend spending time together- not having to be parents, or do anything work related. It was so nice to get outside and enjoy the mountain air and also have some great meals together.

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