Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Tree 2015

Last Saturday we made our annual trip up to the mountains to find our perfect Christmas tree. With this being our first year in our new house, we were super excited to get a bigger tree than before. Apparently my husband and I have differing views on exactly how much larger we were going to go- because we came home with the Clark Griswold of Christmas trees. I wish I was joking.  :) After initial "holy cow our tree is too big and is embarrassing" thoughts, I've come to embrace 'the beast' in my living room. If anything, Santa won't miss the Perdue house because of the massive spot light we have from all the Christmas lights. Maybe next year we can host a Christmas tree lighting event, like the Rockefeller center- because I'm pretty sure our tree is just as big. :) And lets not forget Miss Avery! She was a trooper headed up the mountain and back. She slept on the way there, and then after I fed her she fell asleep in her Solly Wrap. (Which is a lifesaver, y'all.). It was her first trip and she did great!

Luckily, Landon was all about hanging some ornaments on our tree. Mainly because it allowed him to climb up and down the ladder four thousand times. He loves any excuse to use a ladder. The only unfortunate thing about your four year old hanging ornaments and using the same ladder? Well...we ended up with 15 or so hung on the same branch, and magically all the same height. :) He was a great helper though and loved the excitement of all the ornaments and lights and he really did a great job decorating. We just had to help him rearrange some of his clusters.

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