Friday, December 18, 2015

Landon | Four Years Old

How in the world is he FOUR already.  Four going on fourteen is more appropriate when referring to Landon Cole. He is smart, and funny, and hard headed, and curious and he makes me laugh daily. This age is such a special one. This morning on the way to preschool I asked him a few questions to remember his favorites at this age.

Favorite color : "Blue!" I knew that one... :)

Favorite Toy: "Ummm my Paw Patroller." Which he's owned less than 24 hours. It was an early birthday present from Gam and Pop and he is obsessed- he's asked for it for over six months and may or may not have slept with it in his bed last night. If you have or know a four year old boy you know how big that sucker is- so its pretty funny having it in bed with him. 

Favorite Book: "My Paw Patrol books" I asked him if he loved his construction book and he said "yea!" to that also. We currently are reading a lot of Paw Patrol, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, The Little Engine That Could, and any Christmas book given the time of year that his birthday falls. 

Favorite TV show: "Paw Patrol!!" Do you notice a theme here? 

Favorite Movie: Polar Express

Favorite Paw Patrol Pup: "Marshall, Chase, and Rubble." (But Marshall wins every time.)

Best Friend: "Sam" His cousin who is three weeks younger than him. He usually responds with Sam, but on a nightly basis tells me daddy and Avery are his best friends also.

Favorite Food: "Macaroni and Cheese" He also loves yogurt, spaghetti, steak (or any beef dish), white chicken chili, fruit snacks, pineapple (which he calls apple-pie), apples, and mandarin oranges.

Favorite Animal: "Jofus" which is his grandfather's donkey. His name is Joseph but Landon could never pronouce it, so now everyone calls him Jofus.

Favorite Drink: "Lemonade" He really isn't juice drinker. Mostly water or milk, and lemonade for a special treat.

Favorite Place to Eat: "Subway" So true. what a strange child. He likes ham and cheese with mayo. He also loves to go anywhere he can get a cheeseburger, or chick-fil a. 

Favorite Thing to Do: "work with Daddy" So true, anything John is doing he's right behind him working too. From yard work, to washing cars, to random other household things- Landon works right with him and always has. 

If I had to describe Landon at four years old...his favorites are Paw Patrol (obviously), anything with trains and the Polar Express, and any show with construction equipment. He loves watching shows with his dad like Gold Rush that have excavators and "ma-quipment" as he calls it. He loves being outdoors and has recently taken interest in "playing ball" which usually means baseball, but he also likes basketball. He loves going fishing on the pond with his walkie-talkie to tell me how many fish he caught with his daddy and playing in sand or dirt piles outside. He loves to help us cook and bake in the kitchen and has become a really good egg cracker.

He has transitioned into being a big brother beautifully and absolutely loves Avery to death. He wakes up every morning asking where she is and if she's awake yet and he smothers her with kisses. I am so proud of how well he has transitioned with her. I hope he always loves and looks after her the same way he does now.

He loves preschool and after a few rough months of getting used to a new teacher and new class- he bounces in there with no problems and comes home talking about his day. I love hearing him learn and ask questions. He is so curious about the world around him and is always, always, asking questions. His little mind is always turning and always processing things. He also has taken an interest in reading. And he's learned to write his name!

He can usually be found being his daddy's shadow and doing every thing John does. He loves to work outside with John and tag along for any manly errands, like trips to Lowe's or to work on the tractor at Boppa's house.

Landon at four is sweet, and stubborn at the same time. He's strong willed and independent. He has the softest heart and sweetest little voice. And the absolute best laugh in the world. 

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