Monday, January 25, 2016

Project 52 | Week 3

Winter Storm Jonas hit NC this week. Thankfully it wasn't nearly as bad as predicted.  We ended up with 4 inches of snow and a lot of freezing rain..which means our roads are still icy. Landon was beyond excited for it to snow and as soon as he saw the flakes falling, he wanted to go outside and play. This is him, standing in our backyard, wondering why there isn't enough on the ground for him to use his excavator with. :)

Finally there was enough and he spent HOURS on our deck moving snow with his diggers. He also fell in love with sledding during this snowstorm! Unfortunately, it was way too cold for little Miss Avery to go out, so I spent most of the time inside snuggling her!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Project 52 | Week 2

I've tried before to complete a Project 365, and I just don't have that kind of will power in me. So this year I'm attempting to tackle a more manageable photography project...Project 52. One picture once a week documenting our life. I realized I'm starting late, and I've missed one week- and thats okay. This is my project so I make up the rules :) I'll make up for it somewhere along the way and post an extra picture. 

Last week I took Avery's 2 month pictures- and this one is a favorite from the set, even though I could post 40 favorites. There is something about a baby yawn that I just love! And because I couldn't decide which I liked get it in black and white and color. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Avery Kate | Two Months

This past month has absolutely flown by. I think because of the busy-ness of the holidays the past four weeks just seem like a blur and bam, all of the sudden we are at Avery's two month mark. The past four weeks have had their share of challenges but also a ton of sweet moments and milestones with our little girl.

At two months old she weighs 11 lb 5 oz and is 23 3/4 inches long. I like to compare her size to Landon's at his two month mark and there is only six ounces difference between them (she is bigger). They are exactly the same length at this age. Kind of interesting how close in size they are! She wears size one diapers and we are still in 0-3 mo clothes and 3 mo sleepers. If they're footed sleepers they are about to be retired because she is so long! She still has brown hair, lighter on top and darker in the back and she has deep blue eyes. Landon's eyes are a very light blue, so I'll be interested to see how hers end up. Right now they are almost navy, and beautiful. She's definitely filled out more this month and lost some of her newborn-ness. She's got some chunky little thighs and the squishiest cheeks (and chins!).

She's nursing every 2-3 hours still, and still doing great with it. She occasionally gets a bottle if we are out for dinner or church or somewhere that nursing isn't ideal, and she's doing great with the bottle. She takes anywhere from 2.5-3.5 ounces in her bottle. Landon really struggled with the bottle, so I'm thankful that isn't an issue for her.

Sleeping however, is more of her issue. It's just not in the cards for me to have one of those babies that dozes off to sleep whenever they please- both of mine have FOMO (fear of missing out) and really struggle falling asleep if they are out and about or if there is any kind of noise or people around. She naps inconsistently during the day, and then that makes for one overtired baby at night, so bedtime is a challenge. We'd like to have her in bed by 9 or so, like Landon, but normally she goes to bed at the same time we do (11-12). I can't complain too much, because this month she's more consistently slept through the night. I can normally count on anywhere from 6-8 hours of sleep. Knock on wood. She's still sleeping in her swing, and still swaddled with one arm out.

I'm not sure if its reflux or gas or just a fussy baby- but we've tried gas drops, colic drops, and are now starting reflux medicine to see if we can get her a little more content. Hopefully month three she is a little happier and a little less fussy!

Despite the fussiness, she has started smiling so much more and making so much more eye contact with us- which we love. Landon especially loves getting her to grin. I'd forgotten how sweet it is when you finally get a real smile out of them, not just a gassy smile. With the smiles have come a lot of sweet little baby noises and coos. I love her little noises so stinking much! She loves her play mat, but isn't crazy about the bouncy seat. She also loves being in the solly wrap and I can normally get her to go to sleep when she's wrapped. And she loves bath time now! Yay! A week or so ago we decided to stop with the sink baths and fill up her baby tub. Landon loves helping with bath time and bathing her. There is also no shortage of kisses and snuggles from Landon. He is still very much obsessed with his "best girl" and always is excited to see her.

This month we celebrated Landon's fourth birthday and her first Christmas- which was amazing and definitely a memorable one given the warmer weather. We spent all day outside playing and soaking in the day knowing colder weather was just around the corner. We also went to the Polar Express, had multiple family holiday functions, and rung in the New Year as a family of four. Landon was asleep, but baby girl partied until midnight :). I say partied loosely...we were trying desperately to get her to go to sleep.

What a full and fun month with our sweet girl. I think this month I finally came out of the newborn fog and started really enjoying her more and feeling like I wasn't just in survival mode every day. It is still so crazy to me that I have a daughter- but I can't imagine our family without her in it!

Happy two months, Avery. We love you so so very much and are so thankful for you!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Avery's Newborn Photos

Forgive me over the next few weeks as I try and play catch up from the month of December. November and December were absolutely packed for our family. Avery was born and with that came the excitement and visitors in and out of our house- and just trying to catch some sleep. Then we celebrated Thanksgiving, and not long after that Landon's Birthday and then Christmas. We had so many great memories over those two months and I feel like I'm just now having a chance to process them and get the pictures off of my camera.

So let's start with Miss Sassy Molassey herself (my sister nicknamed her that!). I knew when Avery was born I wanted to have a photographer come to our home and take newborn and family pictures for us. I could have taken some newborn pictures myself, but lets be honest, I was doing good to shower- much less take pictures. I contacted a local photographer, Melissa Sheets. I've admired her work for a while and she takes pictures for lots of our friends as well as my sister in law. I can't tell you how nice it was to finally meet her and talk photography with her. She is the sweetest person and so patient with us as we juggled a newborn who didn't sleep at all during the photo shoot and a 4 year old who was super excited and full of crazy faces that day. It was also such a relief for me to be able to put down my own camera, and let someone else take the reigns in capturing our family. I love how they turned out, and love that they were taken in our sweet girl's nursery. That room has some amazing natural light and Melissa definitely used it to get some beautiful shots. Melissa, if you happen to stumble onto my blog- thank you, thank you, thank you. We love the images!

Monday, January 4, 2016


I've done some thinking these past few days about what word would be my word for 2016. The word that keeps coming to my mind seems simple and honestly is pretty obvious. I choose nurture. In so many ways this word is important for me right now-

1. I want to nurture my marriage, plan more date nights, plan more time alone as just John and Katie- not John and Katie the parents, or the construction manager and nurse. But John and Katie who love throwing the baseball in the backyard, taking spontaneous day trips, or going to a concert.

2. Nurturing my children. Entering into the world of being a mommy of two isn't easy. Both  of my kids need me in very different ways- and I want to be there for them. For Avery- its more physical needs and lots of snuggling and soaking in every ounce of her while she is still a baby, because these days are going to absolutely fly by.  For Landon, it looks more like getting on the floor and playing. Building legos and trains and not telling him "hang on just one more minute." Making time for just him, and only him.

3. Nurturing myself. After being pregnant for nine months and gaining 30 pounds, my body needs some attention. Physically, and spiritually. Exercising more and eating healthier are goals of mine (I need my old jeans to fit again!) But also my faith. I've been really lucky this past year to form some great friendships with women who are in the same walk of life as me and it is such an encouragement to my faith. Continuing bible studies, being more intentional about my quiet times, and spending time with my Savior each day are goals this year. Being a mom and wife, life gets busy. But taking care of myself will only allow me to be better for those I love.

This year will be a year of learning how to juggle all three- being there for everyone yet also being mindful of my own needs.

In 2016 I want to read more, get outside and exercise more, visit new places and soak in our first full year as a family of four. And I want to love every minute of it. 

But I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  John 10:10

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 | home

My word for 2015 was home, and I think that the year encompassed that word perfectly. 2015 was a year spent building our home, pouring our hearts into making the walls that we built uniquely ours. It meant finally making roots for us here in this little town we've lived in the past six years and creating a space to raise our family, create our memories, and continue to grow.

In January we moved into our newly built home. We had spent countless hours and long nights finishing things, making decisions and preparing to move and on the night of January 11th we finally did. I woke up on my 28th birthday for the first time in our new home and it was amazing. We finally took a deep breath and realized, we did it. Our dream was finally a reality.  Not long after that, on one very snowy day, I took a pregnancy test and we found out we were adding to our family with another sweet baby. John and Landon were outside playing and I literally ran out there with tears in my eyes to show John our positive test. She was such an answered prayer.

Our year was highlighted with a few trips to the beach- some of our favorites, Oak Island, Ocracoke, and Nags Head. Landon developed a new love for boogie boarding, wave jumping, and the ocean in general. We learned we were expecting a baby girl and began preparing for all the pink to come into our house!

And finally in November, we welcomed sweet Avery into our world and now we can't imagine life without her. She has brought such joy to our home and seeing Landon love on her is one of the most beautiful things.

                                                                                                                                                             2015 was a year of great blessings and I am incredibly thankful for everything it brought us. We are so looking forward to the rest of 2016, our first year as a family of four- and making the most memories we can together. It might not hold any milestones, but it will surely be full of sweet sweet family time. And I can't imagine anything more perfect.

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