Monday, January 4, 2016


I've done some thinking these past few days about what word would be my word for 2016. The word that keeps coming to my mind seems simple and honestly is pretty obvious. I choose nurture. In so many ways this word is important for me right now-

1. I want to nurture my marriage, plan more date nights, plan more time alone as just John and Katie- not John and Katie the parents, or the construction manager and nurse. But John and Katie who love throwing the baseball in the backyard, taking spontaneous day trips, or going to a concert.

2. Nurturing my children. Entering into the world of being a mommy of two isn't easy. Both  of my kids need me in very different ways- and I want to be there for them. For Avery- its more physical needs and lots of snuggling and soaking in every ounce of her while she is still a baby, because these days are going to absolutely fly by.  For Landon, it looks more like getting on the floor and playing. Building legos and trains and not telling him "hang on just one more minute." Making time for just him, and only him.

3. Nurturing myself. After being pregnant for nine months and gaining 30 pounds, my body needs some attention. Physically, and spiritually. Exercising more and eating healthier are goals of mine (I need my old jeans to fit again!) But also my faith. I've been really lucky this past year to form some great friendships with women who are in the same walk of life as me and it is such an encouragement to my faith. Continuing bible studies, being more intentional about my quiet times, and spending time with my Savior each day are goals this year. Being a mom and wife, life gets busy. But taking care of myself will only allow me to be better for those I love.

This year will be a year of learning how to juggle all three- being there for everyone yet also being mindful of my own needs.

In 2016 I want to read more, get outside and exercise more, visit new places and soak in our first full year as a family of four. And I want to love every minute of it. 

But I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  John 10:10

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