Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Avery Kate | Five Months

I swore I'd keep up with these monthly posts with our second baby. I swore she wouldn't be given the short end because mommy was busy, and life was chaotic. So, although it is a few weeks late- I am keeping my promise, holding true to what I set out to do, and keeping up with our monthly updates on sweet, Sassy Molassey.

Five months, approximately 14.5 lbs. Size two diapers, 3-6 month clothes, 6 month sleepers.

Avery is eating every 3 hours still, and still nursing! I have had continual issues while nursing though from blocked ducts, or a small bout of mastitis (we think)...so we will see how much longer we can make it! She does great though, and I have loved that I've been able to nurse longer than I did with Landon.

Unfortunately, while she's great at eating, she stinks at sleeping. Avery is still up multiple times a night, and thinks she is starving at every moment. I'm exhausted with it. I'm the first to admit that we have been more slack with sleep training than we were with Landon. He was in his crib and sleeping six hour stretches by four weeks old. Avery was in our room with us and in her swing until 4 months old. I have finally bit the bullet and decided to move her from our room to her own and start working with her on sleeping in the crib. Some nights she makes it all night in there, and others I end up caving and bringing her to our room to sleep with us. She loves for me to hold her, and the second I put her back in her crib those little eyes pop open and she tells me "you're not going anywhere, lady." Funny how a five month old can tell you these things. :) So, all that to say, I'm exhausted- and we need help. Its time to get super serious about sleeping in this household. Mama needs more than four hours a night!

This month we found out that our sweet girl will have to wear a helmet for 3-6 months. I've tried my hardest to keep her off the back of her head, to do more tummy time, and to sit her in the bumbo seat versus laying her down on her back. Nothing has really seemed to help her head round out in the back. I was definitely bummed when we found out- no one wants their baby to be anything less than perfect. No one wants to have to deal with things like this. But I am continually reminded how blessed we are that she is strong and healthy and if a helmet is the biggest "health issue" we have to deal with- we are incredibly lucky. Say a prayer for us that she sleeps well, and adjusts well to this thing being on her head!

Loves- baby girl LOVES her brother more than anything in this world. He is the only one who can get her to belly laugh and giggle as hard as she does. She lights up when he walks in the room and constantly watches what he is doing. And he loves her equally. It really is the sweetest bond, and I just hope it continues! She also still loves her teething toys, her stroller, and being held. She's a snuggly baby and just wants to be around her people.

Her personality is growing each and everyday and it is such a sweet, content personality. She is curious and serious, and always takes in her surroundings. But she is so happy and smiles all the time! We love our sweet doodle and can't imagine our little family without her in it!

Happy Five Months, Avery Kate!!

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