Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Most of my childhood memories take place on a ball field. The house I grew up in was only a block away from the high school and I remember walking down to the field on warm summer evenings with my dad to watch the boys play in the American Legion league. On nights we couldn't walk down and watch, I layed in bed and fell asleep with the windows open listening to the announcers and hearing the game from a distance. From early on, I fell in love with the atmosphere of a ball park. The smells, the hum of the lights over a night game, the crack of the bats and pops of a ball perfectly hitting a glove. There are few things in life that make me feel more content and at ease than being at a ballpark. In some odd way, it feels like home.

I started playing softball in elementary school and fell in love with the game. It soon became a year-round passion of mine- one year I played on four different teams, some at the same time. My dad faithfully carted me to and from every practice and game and tournament and was right there cheering me on and coaching the teams I was with. Tournaments became part of our norm and I regularly turned down hanging out with friends with the same excuse of "I can't, my team has a tournament this weekend."

My team was a group of girls, none of which I went to school with, but who became some of my best friends. Mainly because we all shared the same love of the game and would rather be playing out hearts out on the field than at the mall shopping. We started on Friday nights, Saturday we sometimes played upwards of 4-5 games, and ended the tournament with a couple games on Sunday, hopefully clenching victory. We were sweaty, and tired, and had some pretty incredible tan lines from our uniforms- but we loved every single second of it. Life on the ball field shaped my childhood, molded me into the person I am, and taught me more about team work, confidence, and hard work than anything else I knew.

This past February, we got a call from a friend of John's that baseball sign ups were getting ready to start. Kids in our area have to be four before they can play- and Landon just made the cut off to play this spring. I think John and I were more excited for Landon to play than anything, and we jumped at the chance for him to be on a familiar face's team.

Since that day, we've lived on the ball field once again. My role has changed from the player on the field to the mom on the bleachers cheering on the team and holding my breath every time he gets up to bat just praying he gets a good hit. I laugh at him playing in the dirt, watching the "big boys" on the opposite field play more than watching his own game, and running the bases like he's a lifeguard on Baywatch. Those familiar sounds and smells and sights are all still there, and I couldn't love it more.

More than anything, I want Landon to just have fun. To enjoy the game, and to learn and improve with each at bat and each practice. The day it stops being fun is the day that he doesn't need to play anymore (and hopefully that day doesn't come for a really long time). I want him to learn that hard work pays off, that practice helps you improve, that playing for a team is one of the best things ever. That sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose and it really doesn't matter either way- you still hold your head high and try harder next time. That it doesn't always go your way, and how to handle it when it doesn't. How to be a good loser, and a good winner. To support others, cheer them on, and be excited for them when they have a big game or do something great.

That said, we are having an absolute blast in our first season of baseball. Landon loves it, gets excited about going to practices and games, and can often be seen in the yard with his tee, ball and bat practicing himself. He loves running and hitting- and its pretty good at both! He's currently playing center field, which means there's a lot of daydreaming, picking grass and doing anything other than paying attention to the game. He gets a long well with his team mates and is learning a lot. And he is pretty dang cute in his uniform.

These days, they are the sweet spot of parenting, the sweet spot of motherhood. It's busy, yes. But it is so fun. Yesterday was our anniversary and we spent it cheering on our four year old. He had two great hits and scored two runs!  I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

Last photo courtesy of my dad.


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