Saturday, June 25, 2016

Avery Kate | Seven Months

Avery turned seven months old the day before we left for vacation, and in the chaos of trying to pack for a family of four to go to the beach, I just didn't have it in me to write out her monthly post or take pictures. This month has been such a big month for her though, that I still wanted to jot down some of her milestones and I took a few pictures of her one night at the beach.

At seven months old she probably weighs about 16.5 lbs, but we won't have another weight until we go to her nine month well check. She's wearing 3-6 month clothing still, and size 2 diapers. She still has blonde hair and blue eyes and soft pale skin. I'm pretty sure she will need to buy stock in sunscreen throughout her life, lol!

She is still taking a 5-6 ounce bottle every three hours like clockwork. She does really well with her bottles and I love that she's predictable with her schedule now so that I can plan for the day. We are still working on solids. She really isn't great with them and still spits most of her food out. I've tried oatmeal, apples, avocado, sweet potato, and pear. Pears seem to be the winner for her and were the food that she finally (just this week!) started actually opening her mouth for more of. Sweet potato seems to be her least favorite, which is interesting because Landon could live off of "orange potatoes." We're making some progress, but I can't believe its been almost two months of solids and she still hasn't really gained any interest. We will get there!

She's still taking a morning and afternoon nap, usually about 2 hours each, and is still sleeping through the night (whoohoo!). Bedtime for her is usually between 8-9pm and she wakes up between 7-8am. She has started wanting to snuggle for  a few minutes before we lay her down, which I don't complain about. Overall she is far less snuggly than Landon was or is. Landon is my child who asks to crawl up on the couch every night to snuggle before bedtime. Maybe we can convert Avery, right?

This month she learned to sit up independently. I by no means want to rush her growing up, but I love this milestone. Life gets just a little bit easier when you can actually sit your baby somewhere and know they aren't going to fall over! She also loves that she can sit on the floor and play with Landon and her cousins now. She loves those kids so much! I'm soaking in that she isn't fully mobile, but it won't be long before she's crawling. She's already trying to inchworm or army crawl to get what she wants on the floor, and she rolls like a champ. Always on the go!

She's learned to clap and is still babbling up a storm and making all kinds of funny noises. She loves baths and riding in her stroller, and any toy of Landon's. It is not uncommon to find her with one of his little trucks in her hand. She also loves plastic measuring spoons, strange toy I know, but ours have rubber handles and she loves chewing on them! That is definitely something that's different with second baby versus first. With Landon, we had all these baby toys laying around, and with our second she plays with brother's toys and kitchen measuring spoons! Whatever works!

She loves the pool and never fusses when we take her in with us. She splashes and watches Landon play and seems very content. Hopefully we can have another baby that loves the water!

The best part of this month is that we got the news thats she will only have to wear her helmet another week. July 1st we are set to go in, have our final scans, and hopefully never have to put that thing on her noggin again! It really hasn't been awful, but I cannot wait until we can go to the pool and not have to watch the clock to make sure she hasn't had it off too long, or worry about her being hot when its one hundred degrees outside. Life will certainly be a little easier without her helmet. And I can't wait to put bows on her head again! I bought all these bows when I was pregnant and they've been sitting in her dresser- time to pull them out again! I plan on writing a post on our experience with her helmet at some point.

Over all, our girl is happy and content and silly, but she lets you know when she's not happy. She is chatty and noisy and loves people. She lights up when someone talks to her and always has a smile on her face. She's busy- and is always moving and on the go and I'm sure it won't be long before she is crawling. She's a mama's girl, which I love, but lights up when daddy and Landon and Josie are around. We love her abundantly, and are so thankful she's part of our family!

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