Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Avery Kate | 8 Months

Little girl turned eight months old last week. I kind of dread these monthly posts at this point because its just a countdown to her first birthday, and I'm really not ready for her to become less baby and more toddler!

This past month has been fun- she's been the sweetest, most content baby. She is full of personality, on the verge of so many big milestones, and is just a happy baby. She is in size three diapers, and six month clothes. I'm slowly pulling some nine month things out of her closet though to start wearing! She still eats about six ounces every three hours or so, and is still sleeping through the night, yay!

She has two teeth, has learned to clap and wave, and is just about to crawl. She's trying her hardest to get on all fours, but just hasn't done it yet. She moves EVERYWHERE though by army crawling and rolling.

Her favorite toys are anything that isn't hers- any cars or blocks of Landon's. She loves riding in her stroller, she loves going in the pool, and she loves watching her big brother an all his crazy antics. He still gets the best giggles and smiles out of her!

She has finally decided solid foods aren't that bad, and will eat almost anything I offer her. She definitely has a preference for sweets, can you blame her? Foods she's tried and seems to like are avocado, banana, apples, pears, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. I need to make more foods that aren't sweet so she learns to like them also- but I'm just happy that she's finally eating after three months of trying.

How can we forget the biggest milestone of this month...she is helmet free!!! The week of July 4th we went for a follow up appointment, and they were pleased with her progress and results and told us she was ready to call it quits. We were super lucky that she only had to wear it for two months- these hot summer days were hard on her, and hard on us having to keep her inside mostly. We are so happy that she did so well with it, and beyond thankful that those days are behind us. Bring on the bows! She has quite a head of hair now also!

We love our Avery girl, and the joy she brings to our family. Her infectious little grin and silly giggle. We love that she is happy and easy going and I love that she's such a mama's girl. I never dreamed of having a daughter, but God sure knew what He was doing when He gave us sweet Avery.

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