Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Oak Island 2016

I have been meaning this summer to sit down and write more on this blog of mine. More than just the monthly updates on Avery and what she's up to, at least. It really has been an incredibly busy summer though and sitting at this computer has been the farthest thing from my mind.

At the beginning of June we went to the beach with my family for a week. We love Oak Island, NC and its simplicity, its no secret that we love Southport- and we really just jump at any chance we get to be near the coast. We've been going there so long that it feels like a second home! Our week was full of great weather, lots of boogey boarding for Landon and lots of just hanging on the beach soaking in some sun and salt air.

I was super thankful to have my parents and sister and brother in law there to help us with our kids. Two kids on vacation really isn't a vacation for parents, so we were incredibly lucky to have them there to hand her off or ask my mom to walk with her on the beach while we relaxed for a few minutes.  Avery still had her helmet at that point and could only be on the beach for a couple hours a day. Not to mention, she is super fair skinned and we kept her safely in the shade the majority of the time. She was only in the sun for a few pictures, cooling off in the surf. I kind of hate that her first beach trip was clouded by dealing with her helmet, but over all she did amazing and by the end of the week wasn't so freaked out by the sand or water!

Landon grew to love the water even more than he already did. Aunt Becky and Uncle Tommy gave him a boogie board for Christmas, and they probably win the award for most loved gift ever. He would boogie board all day, everyday if we'd let him! I really enjoyed watching him play and be so fearless in the water. He is a go getter, will try anything, and simply loves life. It was such a  blessing to sit on the shoreline and watch him that week. He teaches me daily what it means to live freely, live whole, and be completely in the moment. That little boy is the happiest, and it is such an honor and gift to be his mama.

Our first vacation as a family of four, in the books!

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