Friday, October 21, 2016

Avery Kate | 10 Months

(Realized I never hit publish...two months after the fact...)

I'm probably going to go into mourning here in the next week or so over the fact that its already September and I have two, TWO, months until my baby girl is one year old. How in the world does it go by so fast? I am totally not motivated to plan a birthday party either.

At any rate, doodle bug is ten whole months old. She probably weighs about 17 lbs but I really don't know because she doesn't go back to the pediatrician until her 12mo appointment. I can tell you that she is still wearing size three diapers and 9 month clothing for the most part. Some 6 month still fits her. She still has beautiful blue eyes and almost strawberry blonde hair, we can't tell if its light brown or reddish tints. She very much looks like Landon did at this age and we are told frequently how much she resembles her brother. I am beginning to see some of myself in her- but not often. She doesn't have my coloring at all, so it will be interesting to watch her as she grows to see who she ends up looking like!

She is sleeping well, most nights from around 9-7:30am. I know 9 is a little late for babies, but y'all. We don't even eat dinner until 7:30 most nights and as hard as we try, it just doesn't happen any sooner. At night she loves to be held in her room, so most of the time John is the one that puts her to bed so they have a little quiet time together.  She sleeps with her pacifier and her bunny. She only uses her pacifier for sleep, the rest of the day we don't use it at all. This is a stark contrast from her brother, who was addicted to the pacifier and always had one close by during the day as well as at night.

She is eating really well and primary just eats table food. Whatever we are having I just cut into teeny tiny pieces and she self feeds very well. She loves just about everything so far, and doesn't have any aversions that I can tell. Shredded chicken, small bites of turkey, noodles, fruits, cooked carrots or beans, cheerios, and tiny pieces of grapes are some of her favorites. She is not excited about using  a sippy cup at all, and most of the time throws it on the floor sometime during her meal. She also begins throwing her food on the floor when she's finished eating. Josie loves this, mommy not so much.

She is BUSY and is always on the move crawling around the house. She recently found the stairs and climbed up to the second step. I was right there just watching her figure it out- but promptly told John we were buying a baby gate. She keeps us on our toes!

She talks and babbles CONSTANTLY and is rarely still or quiet. She still says "mama" "dada" bay-bee" "bye" and "hey" she also makes the same sounds consistently when she sees Landon or Josie, but we can't make out what she's saying.

She loves riding in her stroller, and its one of the few times of the day that she's actually quiet and still while awake. She also loves baths and most of the time we let her sit in the floor of the shower while one of us is in there. She hears the shower water turn on and starts high-tailing it towards the door! She loves sitting there and playing with toys. She also loves any of Landon's toys- which he doesn't love and I frequently here "AVVA-REEE" when he is frustrated that she is trying to get something he is playing with.

She is happy and busy and curious. She is independent but attached. Sassy but sweet, silly but serious. We love our sweet Avery girl!

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